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The Role of a Windshield

Nov 20, 2019 2:27:00 PM / by Windshield Remedy Content Team

Weather Barrier – Projectile Shield – Safety Device

What is the purpose of the windshield in a modern vehicle? Is it a weather barrier, a projectile shield, a bug screen? In reality, an auto windshield is all those things and more, including a safety device. It is as important to your security while on the road as a seat belt, child seat, or even the airbag.

The windshield is designed to keep occupants from being thrown from the vehicle in case of a frontal impact, to support the roof in a rollover accident and to position the passenger-side airbag for the most effective protection. Properly bonding that auto windshield to the vehicle’s body is paramount to the safety of the occupants.

Auto Windshield’s New Role

With smaller and lighter weight vehicles on the road, the public has become more concerned about occupant safety. In designing more fuel efficient automobiles, advanced crash dynamics were studied to determine the factors that go in to making vehicles safer. Much of the designed safety is dependent on the proper installation of the glass into the vehicle. The new role of auto glass includes:

  • Reducing occupant ejection
  • Support of the roof structure
  • Positioning of passenger-side air bag
  • Support to the firewall
  • Better visibility
  • Added security

Today’s vehicles are safer than they have ever been. However, a simple chip or crack in the windshield could jeopardize the safety of vehicle passengers.  By no means are we saying that a repaired windshield will keep you safe.  But, by repairing your windshield you are not interfering with the functional safety that the windshield provides to your vehicle. If you let your chip turn into a crack, or your crack turn into a “road map”, you are lending yourself to potential problems in case of an accident or rollover.

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